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KET’s “The Spirituals”

Slave songs are featured in a public television documentary airing on Kentucky Educational Television. “The Spirituals” is a KET production. The film examines the American Spiritual Ensemble, a group in Lexington founded by University of Kentucky Professor Dr. Everett McCorvey.

Tune in to hear Dr. McCorvey talk with WFPL’s Heidi Caravan about the documentary and the music that is described as a legacy of the African-American slave.

Julia Glass

Julia Glass’s first novel, “The Three Junes” took the publishing world by storm and won the much coveted National Book Award in 2002. Glass is back at it with her second book, “The Whole World Over”.

Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with Julia Glass about love, food and second novels.

Lose a Pound, Gain a Dollar

A new weight loss program in Bullitt County will pay participants to loss weight. The program was founded by Dr. Mohana Arla, in partnership with Jewish Hospital Medical Center South.

WFPL’s Julie Goodwin talks this week with Dr. Arla about “Lose a Pound, Gain a Dollar,” which kicks off July 17th.

Listen to the show.