Decontaminating Dupont

This month crews are cleaning and decontaminating Dupont’s Neoprene rubber plant in Louisville. Soon, the plant will be demolished. For some, it’s good riddance to a toxic legacy. For others, an unhappy ending. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports on the dismantling.

 Nucleus Project

This week the University of Louisville unveiled its Nucleus Project, which the university hopes will transform a section of downtown into a hub for the life sciences field. But as WFPL’s Gabe Bullard reports, the project’s success will largely depend on Kentucky’s children.

Jazz in Louisville

Jazz musicians and enthusiasts lament this week’s closing of the Jazz Factory, but don’t see the jazz.jpgevent as a harbinger of doom for the art form.

Bill James

In 2006, Bill James was named one of Time Magazine’s “Time 100: The People Who Shape Our baseball3.jpgWorld.” James is a baseball statistics guru who seems to leave no question unanswered. His new book is called “The Bill James Gold Mine 2008.”

Rick Howlett spoke recently with Bill James about his love of the game and its numbers, and about his new book.

Aaron Burr Biography

Aaron Burr is often remembered as one of America’s early villains, if he’s remembered at all. Author Nancy Isenberg is a visiting professor at the University of Louisville and her book Aaron Burr: Fallen Founder paints Burr as a man who was not only crucial to America’s independence, but also a pioneer for westward expansion and politics of the 19th Century. Isenberg will discuss her book Tuesday at 6:00 at the Filson Historical Society. She recently sat down with WFPL’s Gabe Bullard to talk about her book and Burr’s role in American History.

Listen to the show.