Fall Meet at Churchill Downs

The temperature is dropping and daylight is waning with each day that passes in Louisville. It’s the opposite of the weather you might think of when you think of the Kentucky Derby. But Churchill Downs officials are using the lure of the Derby to try to boost their attendance numbers for the fall meet, which begins October 28th.

WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders talked with Churchill Downs spokesperson Jennifer Stevens about the main differences in the spring meet and the fall meet and how the intrigue of the Derby plays out in October.

The Peace Alliance

A grassroots effort to establish a U.S. Department of Peace has now grown to all 50 states. The bill has 68 co-sponsors in Congress … but it has had congressional support before now.

The notion of having a U.S. Department of Peace was first introduced to Congress in 1792. Tune in as WFPL’s Heidi Caravan talks with Dot Maver, the leader of The Peace Alliance.

Olmstead Parks Conservancy

People from all over Metro Louisville enjoy more than a dozen parks all designed by Frederick Law Olmsted or his sons … including Cherokee, Seneca and Iroquois parks, along with many other smaller, neighborhood parks. But many of them are in need of caretaking that goes beyond what Metro Parks can provide … that’s where the Olmsted Parks Conservancy comes in.

WFPL’s Susan Sweeney Crum spoke this week with Mimi Zinniel, the new head of the conservancy, about the current state of the parks and projects that are underway.

Michael Franti

Michael Franti is a musician, songwriter and poet who is known for his political stances on the Iraq War, homelessness, AIDS, police brutality and the death penalty. He’s also a member of the band Spearhead, which has released the albums “Stay Human” and “Yell Fire!”.

He spoke with Stacy Owen of our sister station, WFPK.

 Listen to the show.