ColorFall 2007

With the one hundred-degree temperatures somewhat behind us, Kentucky now slips into autumn, with brightly-colored leaves and beautiful scenery. The Kentucky Department of Tourism presents ColorFall, now in its twenty-second year.

The event showcases the Bluegrass in all its beauty, by highlighting festivals, tours and park activities. Tune in as WFPL discusses ColorFall 2007 with Marge Bateman from the Kentucky Department of tourism.

Kentucky Wildlife

Kentucky wildlife officials have seen the state’s worst outbreak of hemorrhagic disease among its deer population this year. Deer Biologist Mark Yancy says it will take a hard freeze to stop the spread of the disease. He spoke with WFPL’s Susan Sweeney Crum.

Lost Men

There have been many books written about fathers and sons. Some of them are funny, some sad, some are somewhere in between. Brian Leung’s first novel, “Lost Men” explores the father/son relationship and how it shapes both parties. Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with Leung about fathers and sons, relationships and how we choose our own families.

Robert Kowalski

Author Robert Kowalski has worked as a medical journalist for over 35 years. After his second bypass surgery at age 41, he developed a heart-health program which he outlined in “The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure”. This week on Studio 619, WFPL’s Julie Goodwin talks with Kowalski about his latest book, “The Blood Pressure Cure”.

Year of Reconciliation

In preparation for The International Year of Reconciliation, the Center for Interfaith Relations is holding a vigil for Reconciliation Day. Center Director Mark Steiner says it’s a great time to reconnect and mend old wounds.

He spoke with WFPL’s Heidi Caravan about the idea of reconciliation and how people can take part.

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