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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Leadership races in the Kentucky House are still nearly five months off, but speculation over the Speaker’s race continues to mount.

Bowling Green Rep. Jody Richards, the longest serving House Speaker in Kentucky history, has been wielding the gavel since 1995. He’s seeking another term. But the man who once was the longest serving House majority leader is also looking at the race.

Prestonsburg Rep. Greg Stumbo, who’s back in the House after serving as attorney general, admits he’s interested.

“I haven’t ruled that out,” says Stumbo, “and I’ve been talking to members. And we’ll know before too long.”

Stumbo says he’s not looking at any other leadership position, but was asked if he would consider running for majority leader again, if say, current Majority Leader Rocky Adkins were to run for Speaker?

“He hasn’t expressed any interest in wanting to be Speaker,” says Stumbo.

House members don’t elect new leaders until January, which leaves plenty of time for further speculation over who’s running, and who’s not.