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As the 2012 legislative session winds down, lawmakers aren’t touting a long list of accomplishments.

They say that’s not due to a lack of work, but mainly a lack of extra money to fund new programs or expand others.

Instead, House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the main highlights will be a three-bill attack on Kentucky’s drug abuse problems and passing general and road budgets before the end of the session.

In recent years, lawmakers haven’t even been able to pass budgets on time. So Stumbo says this year is a return to normal.

“I’m hoping we’ve returned to some semblance of normalcy. I’ll reverse judgment as a hope you will until the final seconds tick off,” he said.

Stumbo says all budget bills should be passed by Friday, allowing the legislature to break before coming back on April 12 to override any vetoes.

And the three drug bills dealing with prescription pills, pseudoephedrine and synthetic drugs should pass this week too.