Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

The Louisville-based non-profit group Supplies Over Seas loaded up more medical supplies bound for Haiti today. A forty-foot container was filled with about 9,300 pounds of medical supplies, headed for a hospital in Haiti, rebuilding from a devastating earthquake in January.

Supplies Over Seas Executive Director Allen Montgomery says they’ve worked closely with that hospital to make sure the supplies they are sending are needed. He says a local doctor recently came back to the U.S. with a shipping container filled with unneeded medical supplies that had been donated to Haiti.

“It contained more surgical blades than they could use in 15 years, and it didn’t contain the kinds of things they need, maybe the anesthesia, the IV, the wound treatment, the skin prep,’ says Montgomery. “So, people are well-intended, and people send donations they think will be helpful, but sometimes that just makes the problem worse.”

Montgomery says the priorities in Haiti have changed from emergency medical care to more long-term needs, like those of any hospital. He says because Haiti is an impoverished nation, it will take years to get the health care system on its feet.