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The former director of the Kentucky League of Cities says the organization she departed at the end of last year was largely misunderstood.

Sylvia Lovely stepped down after the state auditor’s office found hundreds of thousands of dollars in extravagant spending. Lovely now runs a consulting businesses and makes public speaking appearances. She says the KLC was successful under her leadership, but it was treated like a governmental agency, when it shouldn’t have been.

“We operated as a trade association,” she says. “Nobody said anything about that or objected to it. We built relationships. We had a full-service insurance company. We were complex, maybe too complex, but we served our cities well.”

The KLC does collect dues from cities for membership, and offers cities various services. Lovely says she thinks many of the auditor’s findings were misrepresented in subsequent reports. Lovely writes about the KLC investigation and reputational risk in the latest issue of the Lane Report business magazine.