Tag:Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear
Stumbo Says House Won’t Override Budget Vetoes, Giving Beshear the Final Word
Outside of Budget Line Items, Beshear Doesn’t Expect to Veto Other Bills
Beshear Predicts Prescription Pill Bill Will Pass in Strong Form
Bill Allowing Reflective Tape on Slow Moving Vehicles Becomes Law
Beshear Signs Deal on Unemployment Loan Interest Payments Into Law
Beshear Denounces Planned Neo-Nazi Demonstration
Beshear Urges More State-to-State Cooperation to Fight Prescription Pill Abuse
Beshear, Daniels to Receive Honorary Degrees from Bellarmine
Beshear Approves Alternative Diploma Bill, Legislative Budget
Lawmakers Officially Approve Budget Bills
Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Tax Amnesty Program
Expansion of Preschool Funding Cut in Budget Compromise
Beshear and Abramson Discuss ‘Dream Game’ on ESPN