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Metro Council Committee Set to Vote on Support for Louisville-Lexington Economic Super Region
Safety Violations in KY Mines, Transparency in Contracts between Public Workers & Metro Government, College-Readiness in JCPS Students, Infant Mortality in West Louisville: Afternoon Review
Metro Council Districts 7, 16 and 17 Release Proposed District Maps
Redistricting Picks Up, Maps Ready For Public
Downard Denies Request to Remove Green Immediately, Gives Her Five Days to Turn Over Subpoenaed Documents
Drafts of Redistricting Maps Raise Concerns in Metro District 1
Future of Insight Franchise Agreement Uncertain as Time Warner Acquisition Looms
LG&E Outlines Potential Rate Increases to Metro Council
Officials Defend GLI After Lackluster Review From Brookings
Green Appeals Ethics Commission Ruling
Councilwoman Judy Green Addresses Metro Council
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King Hopes Council Members Will Volunteer for Furloughs