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The agency that runs Louisville’s bus system wants to look into creating a commuter rail line to the Fort Knox area. TARC hosted a trial run for lawmakers and other officials last month, and spokesperson Nina Walfoort says it got the ball rolling.

“There was enough interest that TARC decided we would pursue a study on it, and it seems like one of the more cost-efficient and viable alternatives for more advanced transit in this community right now.”

Walfoort says it’s expected the study would cost about $150,000 dollars.

“TARC is not picking up that tab. We’re looking for partners on that. We know there’s a lot of interest in Hardin County, Ft. Knox has expressed an interest, there are some people at the state level, KIPDA, the local planning organization, has short-range planning money, and some of the Metro Council people have been interested.”

TARC hosted a trial run train ride last month for lawmakers and other officials. Walfoort says if TARC can’t find the money for the study, the issue will be dropped until economic conditions improve.