Local News

The Transit Authority of River City is reacting to a brazen homicide that was committed on a bus this week.

According to the Jefferson County Coroner's office, 17-year-old Rico Robinson Jr., died Monday afternoon from a single gunshot to the head while riding a TARC bus.

TARC Executive Director Barry Barker released the following statement:

“TARC is working closely with Metro Police in their investigation of the fatal shooting that occurred yesterday on a TARC bus. The safety of passengers and drivers is TARC’s highest priority and what occurred yesterday is intolerable.

Working with police, we will review the safety and security procedures relating to this violent act. TARC continually reviews and addresses safety and security issues to assure our buses provide safe transportation to the public. TARC employees responded professionally at the scene during and immediately after the shooting. These are difficult and troubling circumstances and TARC has made counseling available to employees today.”

Metro Police are seeking three persons of interest who were captured on the bus video cameras.