Kentucky’s Blue Ribbon Tax Commission has spent months learning how the state’s tax system works, and is now beginning to hammer out proposals to reform the state’s tax code.

The commission met again today in Frankfort to hear some final reports from the Beshear administration on how Kentucky’s current revenue systems work.

State representative and commission member Jim Wayne says the reports served as another reminder of how far behind Kentucky has fallen.

“I think what we heard today was the harsh reality that our schools are not being properly funded, that includes schools from K to 12 to the colleges and universities. And so when you don’t invest in your universities and your elementary and high schools you’re commending yourself to a very, very poor future.”

Kentucky has struggled to maintain school funding in recent budgets, but while doing so has slashed many other programs to the bone.

The commission has until the middle of next month to present their proposals for tax reform to the governor