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Thursday is Tax Freedom Day in Kentucky, as calculated by the Washington-based Tax Foundation.

The tax research group says April 10 is the day that a so-called ‘average worker’ in Kentucky will have earned enough in 2008 to satisify his or her federal, state and local tax burden.

Last year, it fell on April 21.

The foundation’s William Ahern (AY-hern) says National Tax Freedom Day will occur in about two weeks.

“Some states like Kentucky have lower per capita income so they pay lower federal taxes, and then at the state and local level your taxes are slightly less than average. So it all adds up to about 13 days less work that Kentuckians have to do to pay for government,” Ahern said.

Indiana’s Tax Freedom Day is April 17.

The nation’s earliest payoff day, March 31, occurred in Alaska. The latest is May 8, in Connecticut.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."