A Louisville attorney who has sparred with Jefferson County Public Schools for several years says he could file a lawsuit as early as today seeking to disqualify David Jones Jr. from taking the school board seat to which he was elected on Tuesday.

Just before the election, Ted Gordon said he would sue David Jones Jr., who won the District 2 school board seat.

Jones is the former chairman of Humana and a venture capitalist; Gordon argues his prior business experience poses a conflict of interest.

Gordon said Jones should put his holdings in a blind trust and step aside from any company board that poses a conflict, including his venture capital firm and Humana.

“If Mitt Romney would have prevailed he would have been in the same company as Mitt Romney who would have put all of his holdings in a blind trust,” Gordon told WFPL on Wednesday.

“We ask no more from David Jones Jr. and we hope he does.”

Jones has responded that he’s reviewed the law himself — and he’s said he’s clear to serve on the school board. If there are any decisions that board makes that pose a potential conflict of interest, Jones said, he would recuse himself from voting. 

The lawsuit against Jones would be filed on behalf of Thomas D. Armistead, who lives in District 2.