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The End is coming to the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Not the end of the festival—it lasts until April. But the latest play to debut at the festival is an apocalyptic romp titled is The End. It features various calamities involving asteroids, aliens, zombies and Hollywood celebrities.

Amy Attaway is co-director of The End.

“Ultimately the play is really about people and how people deal with the idea of impending doom. The idea of the end approaching at varying speeds and by varying methods. It’s really about how people handle that,” he says.

Other plays in this year’s festival were submitted to Actors Theatre by individual playwrights. But for The End, Actors Theatre commissioned five different playwrights to create the script as a vehicle for the theatre’s acting apprentice company.

One other way The End is not like other plays in this year’s Humana Festival: The start time. The End takes the stage Friday and Saturday at 11:00 at Actors Theatre.