Local News

Third District congressional candidates John Yarmuth and Anne Northup met for their first debate of the campaign today at the Louisville Forum. The primary topic on voters’ minds was the economy.

Northup, the Republican nominee, almost immediately brought up the incumbent Yarmuth’s vote in favor of the final financial rescue package approved by Congress. She says it was a terrible idea, and knows a better way it could have been handled.

“If we had gone into the financial sector and instead of actually purchasing these securities, guaranteed them,” says Northup. “That gives them the instant same wealth.”

Yarmuth wasn’t a huge fan of the bill either, and had voted against an earlier version. He says that $700-billion won’t come back to haunt American taxpayers.

“We are committed to making sure taxpayers don’t end up bearing one dollar of this proposal and we have mechanisms to pay for it down the road, if there is a cost,” says Yarmuth.

Yarmuth is just finishing his first term in the House. Northup previously held the seat for ten years.