Managing finances can be difficult, especially when you don’t have enough resources to begin with. A local nonprofit is hosting a series of programs aimed at teaching Louisville residents life skills and financial literacy.

Louisville’s Family Scholar House provides housing to people in need, with the mission of ending the cycle of poverty by supporting youth and families.

It recently hosted a program from Fifth Third Bank that taught people how to improve their credit scores, set up business profiles and more. The program was held on a bus that travels to areas in need. The free program was open to Family Scholar House residents and the public, with the bus making its last stop in Louisville at the Family Scholar House on Monday.

Inside Fifth-Third Bank's Mobile Banking Program, Parked Behind Family Scholar House MondayKyeland Jackson |

Inside Fifth Third Bank’s Mobile Banking Program

Adam Hall, community and economic development manager at Fifth Third Bank, said the program normally helps around 20 people a day. Hall said many participants leave feeling empowered by what they learned.

“Most of the people at Family Scholar House are trying to rebuild themselves and so we know that oftentimes it’s difficult to get accurate information about your finances,” Hall said. “What we want to do is try to provide real-time information that’s based on their particular situation so they can help and develop their own, personal financial journey.”

Family Scholar House President Cathe Dykstra said the nonprofit offers many programs to empower residents and families in Louisville. She said they served 3,571 families last year — including almost 5,000 children.

Family Scholar House President Cathe DykstraKyeland Jackson |

Family Scholar House President Cathe Dykstra

“They’re really, really working hard to change their lives,” Dysktra said. “They want better for their children and they’re willing to do anything to provide a better life for their children. Even when it’s hard, even when it’s scary, they’re very motivated. And we honor that and do everything we can to support the work they’re doing.”

Dysktra said Family Scholar House is funded by donations, grants and corporations they work with.

Fifth Third Bank’s program wrapped up Monday, but Hall said it will likely return next year. More information about the Family Scholar House is available here.