In Conversation

It’s 2020. Which means that everything is weird or different.  That includes the Kentucky Derby.

Which is why it’s on the first Saturday in September this year, instead of May.

It also means that there will be more jockeys, owners, trainers, staff and media on hand than spectators to watch the famous Run for the Roses because no fans will be allowed in due to COVID-19 concerns.

So, on this week’s In Conversation we’re talking about the Kentucky Derby, just not in the same way. 

We discuss the racial justice protests that are scheduled to take place on Derby Day despite the lack of visitors and spectators, and the history of civil disobedience at big events like the Derby.

And there will be racing, of course, so we discuss the art of handicapping and which horses are predicted to win, place or show, and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected racing.

Listen to the show:

Michelle Tyrene Johnson is the Associate Producer for WFPL's "In Conversation" talk show.