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Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines!

As COVID-19 vaccines hit Louisville and the rest of the country this week it’s the topic everywhere you turn. The first light at the end of a still long and dark tunnel brings as many questions as it does hope.

On this week’s “In Conversation” we experts answer your questions about distribution, access and reliability. Also, we talk about who is skeptical about receiving the vaccines and the timeline of what a new normal may look like in 2021. 

Already, health care workers in the area are receiving the Pfizer vaccines with the first 38,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arriving in Louisville on Sunday. So we’ll talk about what it is like to receive one and what happens next as the country has lost more than 300,000 lives this year to COVID-19.

Listen to the show:

Michelle Tyrene Johnson is the Associate Producer for WFPL's "In Conversation" talk show.