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Leaders from across the globe meet this week to discuss plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for boosting efforts to combat climate change.

The meeting is part of the United Nations Climate Action Summit, where leaders will bring plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within 30 years — that means nations would ideally produce as much renewable energy as they use, every year, by 2050.

At WFPL, we’ve covered environmental news for years, and we were one of 250 news outlets that ramped up climate coverage in the week leading up to the UN summit. That coverage brought you stories about potential solutions to Kentucky’s climate challenges, Louisville’s dwindling urban tree canopy, and area youth participating in a strike against global warming.

This week on In Conversation, guest host Ryland Barton will talk with guests about climate change, how it affects Kentucky, and what’s being done to address it. Our guests include:

  • WFPL Energy and Environment Reporter Ryan Van Velzer
  • University of Louisville Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives Justin Mog
  • Louisville Climate Strike Coalition Co-Lead Fernanda Scharfenberger
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Chairperson Cassia Herron

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