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It’s been a busy year for the Jefferson County Public Schools system.

Debate on whether the state should manage the school system is ongoing, and JCPS teachers organized several “sickouts” to protest education-related bills in Frankfort this legislative session. This meant six days of school closures as teachers flooded the Capitol, and created obstacles for families juggling childcare.

The bills that drew the biggest teacher outcry would have affected funding for private school scholarships, changed the makeup of the teacher pension board and increased the JCPS superintendent’s power in selecting school principals.

Only Senate Bill 250, which expanded the JCPS superintendent’s powers, passed. Though the session isn’t quite over — lawmakers return Thursday for a day before adjourning sine die — it’s possible that similar measures will emerge next year.

Since the teacher sickouts, Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis has asked for the names of teachers who called in sick, saying “advocacy should under no circumstances be putting a stop to learning for entire communities.” The Jefferson County Board of Education asked Lewis to withdraw his request through a board resolution passed last week.

This week on In Conversation, we’ll talk with JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio about the state of education and JCPS, recent legislation, his thoughts on the sickouts and more.

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