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Restaurants are reopening this week at 33% capacity — but as a business owner recently wrote to us, “We aren’t getting a 66% discount on our bills.”

This week on “In Conversation,” we talk about restaurants reopening and the challenges they still have ahead of them.

Chef Edward Lee joins us to talk about what the Lee Initiative has done to help restaurants during the shutdown, what they’ve been hearing from restaurant owners, and what they’ll do next. Stacy Roof, President & CEO of the Kentucky Restaurant Association talks about what her group has been advocating for, and why.

And Amy McNatt from Doe Anderson shares her research on how the coronavirus pandemic is expected to change consumer behavior going forward.

Will the new ability to have dine-in customers be too little too late for Kentucky restaurants? Or is the reopening too soon? Will you be going out to eat this holiday weekend?

Listen to the show:

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.