In Conversation

Demonstrators across the country who have been demanding an end to racial injustice and excessive police violence have also been calling for the removal of Confederate monuments and other public displays that for many evoke slavery, white supremacy and oppression.

Some protesters have taken matters into their own hands, tearing down statues themselves.

This week on In Conversation, we jump into the debate over controversial monuments and public art.

Our guests include:

  • Writer Conner Towne O’Neill, whose forthcoming book “Down Along With That Devil’s Bones” explores the continuing battle over monuments dedicated to notorious Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  • Dr. Anne Bailey, history professor at State University of New York at Binghamton and director of the Harriett Tubman Center for the Study of Freedom and Equality.
  • Braylyn Resko Stewart, Louisville-based artist who co-created a large mural featuring Breonna Taylor and others who died at the hands of police.
  • WFPL Arts Reporter Stephanie Wolf.

Listen to the show:


Rick Howlett is WFPL's Broadcast Editor and also produces feature and general assignment radio stories.