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Kentucky’s bourbon boom is showing no sign of fading, with both new and longtime distillers investing hundreds of millions of dollars in expansions and new projects. In recent years, bourbon has created thousands of jobs and represents a $8.5 billion industry, according to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. The New York Times recently noticed the boom, too, — floating the idea of a “Napa-fication of Kentucky.

But the bourbon explosion comes with worries. Producers say escalating trade tensions could hurt the industry. Some distillers struggle to innovate while still following somewhat antiquated regulations. And WFPL’s Recut podcast recently asked whether the industry will go bust

This week, WFPL’s In Conversation with Rick Howlett will check the pulse of the industry with an hour-long talk with bourbon insiders — and with you. 

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In Conversation premieres Friday, Jan. 18

Joining us are:

Susan Reigler, bourbon writer

Marianne Eaves, Master Distiller at Castle and Key Distillery

A representative from the Kentucky Distillers’ Association

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Kyeland Jackson is an Associate Producer for WFPL News.