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Whether it’s the new toll bridges, potholes and construction along Dixie Highway or new electronic fare cards at TARC, transportation — or the lack thereof — plays a big role in many people’s lives in Louisville.

In highway projects alone, Jefferson County spent $113 million in 2018, according to data from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. But when it comes to public transportation, people relying on the bus system still face challenges getting to where they need to go. Plus, a change to the Transit Authority of River City’s new fare system has caused delays and other disruptions for some riders. And major construction to improve Dixie Highway, which officials in 2017 said had a fatality rate three times that of similar state roadways, is set to finish this December.

This week on In Conversation, we talk about the state of transportation in the city and what’s ahead. Among those joining us will be:

  • TARC Interim Executive Director Ferdinand Risco Jr.
  • Metropolitan Housing Coalition Executive Director Cathy Hinko

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