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A leading Tibetan Buddhist teacher speaks at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary tomorrow. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche teaches the Dzogchen practice of Buddishm, which promotes awareness thorough practiced meditation. He also studied under one of the teachers of the Catholic Monk Thomas Merton.

The talk, entitled “Nature of Mind,” has been organized by Gray Henry of Fons Vitae, a local publisher of books on spirituality.

“Dzogchen comes from the idea that our true natures are already enlightend,” Henry says. “We just have to clear away our forgetfulness and remember who we really are, that we have a Christ nature or a Buddha nature.”

The talk will focus on practices similar to those taught by the Dalai Lama, says Henry.

“They’re all part of the same school of Buddhism and his entire family and his teachers, his great teacher Dilgo Rinpoche was the Dalai Lama’s teacher,” she says. “And all of them have grown up in monasteries together and they’ve all been learning from one another.”

Rinpoche is a recognized mediation teacher who began studying with renowned Buddhist teachers in India when he was 13. He now leads monasteries and nunneries in Nepal and Tibet. This is his first visit to Louisville.