In an ongoing series, TIME Magazine is reviewing the pros and cons of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney selecting potential running mates with a focus on Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for this installment.

According to TIME, the best quality Daniels brings to the table is that he’s a impressively credentialed fiscal wonk who has some qualities that Romney sorely lacks—he connects with people.

From TIME Magazine:

By eschewing the strident tone of his counterparts and embracing an everyman persona—an avid motorcycle rider, he rode a tattered RV around the state in his first campaign and embraced the slogan “My Man Mitch”—Daniels managed to implement a conservative agenda without arousing the ire of independents.

“He’s kind of a Scott Walker without the aggressive tone,” says (Bert) Rockman, a political science professor at Indiana’s Purdue University.

The negatives? Daniels is the former director of the Office of Management and Budget under President George W. Bush administration, he doesn’t help the Electoral College count and past martial problems.