Here and Now Local News

Coming up at 1pm: The Midwest is bracing for several more days of torrential rain after powerful storms hammered Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee and of course Kentucky yesterday. The Ohio River crest in Louisville is expected sometime tomorrow, and more heavy rain is on the way tonight and tomorrow. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers might use explosives to breach a levee in Southeastern Missouri to reduce pressure on the Mississippi River, but that would flood 130,000 acres of farmland. The levees have breached in two places in Poplar Grove, Mo., and we’ll talk with that town’s mayor.

Also this hour, Steven Levy says Google’s best years might be ahead of it. The Senior Editor of Wired magazine has written “In the Plex” about the rise of Google – he’s speaking at the library tonight – and he’ll be speaking with us starting at 1:35pm.