Earlier this month we did a story on the pace of Kentucky’s legislature. By the halfway point, they had passed fewer bills than in the last three 60-day sessions.

Everyone interviewed in the feature said – for better or for worse – the last few weeks of every session is the crunch time when most bills get passed.

To keep track of what bills pass, what bills fail and what bills just stay in committee forever, you can check two different websites.

The legislature has a research commission, and their site lets you choose from lots of different criteria to see what bills have been proposed, passed or signed into law. is an independent site, and there you can be more selective with what bills you view. One helpful feature is the ability to look up legislators’ individual voting records. Also, KentuckyVotes has comment space for each bill, so you can discuss them with other people.

That conversation will probably heat up as the legislature kicks into high gear to get everything passed before adjournment.