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Police plan to institute no stopping or parking restrictions on streets near the University of Louisville and west Louisville on Sunday and possibly Monday because of the potential for celebrations after the Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team’s Final Four game(s), Metro Police said.

No parking or stopping restrictions will be in effect from 7 p.m. Saturday to 5 a.m. Sunday on:

Third Street from Bloom to Eastern Parkway and Cardinal to Brandeis

Third between Bloom and Unity Place

Fourth street from Bloom to Industry Road

Fourth Street between Bloom and Railroad Overpass Bridge

Fourth Street between Bloom and Stansbury Park

Cardinal Boulevard between Third and Fourth

Brandeis between Third and Fourth

Broadway will also have no parking or stopping between 21st Street and 31st Street from 7 p.m. Saturday to 5 a.m. Sunday.

Should the Louisville Cardinals advance to Monday’s national championship game, the roads near the Belknap campus will have the same restrictions from 8 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. Tuesday. The restrictions would be in place on Monday from 8 p.m. Monday “as necessary” until 4 a.m.

Police expect that the celebrations would affect the Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road corridor, Fourth Street Live, Broadway and the UofL Belknap campus.  

Cardinal Boulevard—where students and fans congregated during 2012’s Final Four—may close between Third and Fourth, police said.

The other areas will still be open to vehicles, police said.

Louisville Metro Police and University of Louisville police will release details  on Thursday of their public safety plans for the Final Four. Authorities from Louisville Fire & Rescue and other agencies will also take part in Thursday’s announcement. We’ll bring you more details then.