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The off-loading for cars carrying dangerous chemicals at the train derailment site in southwestern Jefferson County will begin Tuesday morning, but officials are not scheduling an evacuation or shelter-in-place order, the city said.

But Dixie Highway will again close — from the Salt River bridge to Ky. 44 starting at 6 a.m. Tuesday. 

Though no evacuation or shelter order are planned, authorities cautioned that prevailing winds may require them to be issued when the chemicals are transferred. 

(Five things to know about hydrogen fluoride.)

Crews stabilized and leveled the cars last weekend.

Paducah & Louisville Railway — which operated the train and track — and its contractor were required to submit a plan for off-loading two hydrogen fluoride cars.

Meanwhile, P&L Railway continues to make appointments at compensations centers for people who’ve incurred costs because of the derailment. Through Thursday, P&L had written about 900 checks for claims; the centers had 2,100 appointments scheduled, said Bonnie Hackbarth, a company spokeswoman. She did not know the amount P&L had dispersed to those claimants.