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A ban on artificial trans fat in Louisville is unlikely to be imposed anytime soon.

In a Metro Council committee meeting Wednesday, Health department Director Dr. Adewale Troutman suggested the city launch an expanded education campaign about the dangers of trans fat and offer assistance to restaurants interested in eliminating the substance. Trans fat is used in some food to extend shelf life, but has been linked to health problems.

A Health Department task force this month asked Troutman to ask the council to impose an outright ban, but several council members and the mayor do not support the idea. Troutman says his decision to avoid a ban was not the result of political pressure, but rather the most practical way to achieve the elimination of trans fat in Louisville.

“So what we’re talking about really is pushing a voluntary program immediately and reevaluating it in about 12 months,” he says. “So there’s a hair of a difference between the two, but the time frame is pretty much the same.”

Troutman says his recommendation will cost about 70 thousand dollars and will not likely require any legislation to be passed. He says if the efforts aren’t successful, he may reconsider a ban trans fat ban.