Lacking a report from a victim, the Louisville Metro Police Department has not opened an investigation into an incident during the rally Tuesday for presidential candidate Donald Trump that has set off a social media firestorm.

A video shot during the Trump rally at the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville shows several men shoving and yelling at an African-American woman.

A Louisville Metro Police spokesman said police are aware of the video but cannot open an investigation until a formal complaint is filed by a victim.

“And as soon as she makes a complaint, we’ll do so, absolutely,” said Dwight Mitchell, spokesman for Louisville Metro Police.

Mitchell said police are encouraging the woman to come forward and make a complaint.

The woman in the video could not be reached for comment.

Assistant Chief Greg Burns said he was inside the Kentucky International Convention Center during the rally when the incident occurred, though he did not see it first hand.

“It was pretty wild in there,” he said.

Burns said he’s unaware of any other officers witnessing the incident. He also said police cannot move forward with an investigation until a report is filed.

A Louisville activists said protesters were dissuaded from filing complaints during the rally.

Chanelle Helm, an activist with Stand Up Louisville, said she was inside the Kentucky International Convention Center during the rally and was escorted out after joining other protesters in choreographed chants.

Helm said she was assaulted on her way out of the convention center and police dissuaded other protesters from filing criminal complaints, noting the amount of paperwork that would be required of the complainants.

“They were trying to make it really hard for anyone to do anything,” she said.

Mitchell dismissed that claim.

“Anytime there is anything like that we will take their reports,” he said.

Helm said protesters are assessing their injuries and considering filing criminal complaints later this week.

Update: One protester, Henry Brousseau, on Wednesday filed a complaint alleging he was assaulted at the Trump rally, The Courier-Journal reported.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.