Thousands of people from across the region turned out for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s rally in downtown Louisville on Tuesday.

Before the rally began, hundreds huddled under umbrellas or wrapped themselves in rain gear to stay dry as they waited to make their way into the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Many of the people came in support of Trump. Some came for the spectacle. And others sought to protest the controversial real estate mogul’s campaign.

WFPL spoke with dozens of those gathered around the convention center to hear why they support or oppose Trump. Listen to the full story in the player above.


20160301_140150Jacob Ryan | wfpl.org

Protesters outside the Donald Trump rally in downtown Louisville.


“We love everything about him,” said Brian Metzger of Charlestown, Indiana.

“This is the most unique opportunity America has had to get someone who is not an establishment candidate,” said David Epperson of Louisville.

“Build some walls and keep this immigration problem we have down, and go after ISIS,” said Jennifer Kerr of Louisville.

“Hispanics love Donald Trump, and Donald Trump loves Hispanics,” said Alex Childress of Louisville.

“The concerning part is his anti-Muslim rhetoric,” said Ross Foy of Louisville.

“Anyone who supports a corporate fascist as Trump is really supporting hate,” said Chanelle Helm of Louisville.

“I don’t agree with nothing he’s talking about. I don’t respect his money, I don’t respect him as a man,” said Raymond Forney of Louisville.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.