The University of Louisville will hold a conference on green infrastructure later this week. It’s meant to explore innovative ways to manage stormwater.  

Stormwater experts are usually quick to point out there are two ways to manage water runoff and prevent floods—with concrete infrastructure like collecting basins and pipes, or with green infrastructure like rain gardens and green roofs.

Thursday’s conference will address the latter, and will look at what public and private entities in Louisville have done so far, and what innovations are possible in the future.

Russ Barnett is the director of the U of L’s Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

“I think we’ll be surprised just how much we’ve done here in Louisville and I think we’ll be surprised that there’s a lot of new ideas that are coming out.”

The day-long conference will include sessions on what green infrastructure projects are in the works in Louisville and around the world, as well as a discussion on the barriers to green infrastructure. It begins Thursday at 9:00; tickets are $25 at the door, and the cost includes lunch. For more information, click here.