The University of Louisville and University of Kentucky are developing the state’s first joint Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that will be targeted to established professionals in the region.

“It’s an MBA degree, but it’s aimed at a very different clientele of people. Folks who have considerably more work experience, 12 to 15 years on average is what we expect,” says Charlie Moyer, dean of U of L’s College of Business.

There are still details to be worked out between he schools, like which courses will be included, but Moyer says the program should be up and running in fall 2014.

Students will spend equal time in Louisville and Lexington classrooms and the universities will split both costs and revenue, he says.

Moyer says there is strong support by faculty members at both schools and he expects the new MBA program to enroll between 40 to 45 students.

“It was pretty clear that if one of us did it, the other was probably going to do it too. And I don’t think there’s demand for two programs and neither do they,” Moyer says.

There are still administrative barriers to clear–like how to coordinate admissions, the registrar functions and marketing–but he says both schools are on the same page.

“Early in the fall we expect to be out of the gate with a very serious marketing effort focused primarily in the Louisville metropolitan area, Lexington, northern Kentucky and Cincinnati as well,” he says.

The diploma will be issued by both schools.

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