The University of Louisville has received a $373,000 rebate from Louisville Gas and Electric Company for reducing electricity consumption on the school’s Belknap Campus.

The money comes from an incentive program that encourages commercial customers to replace older, less
efficient equipment.

Officials say U of L’s electric bill has dropped about 23-percent since it began an energy-saving project last fall with the Siemens company.

University Vice-President of Business Affairs Larry Owlsley says the rebate will be put back into the project.

“When we entered into the program, we estimated how much savings we might get from the rebate. We calculated that in the cost of the equipment we purchased, the $21 million we spent, part of that will be paid for through this. It’s a good thing we got the check because we were counting on it,” he said.

U of L plans to expand its energy saving program to its Health Sciences and Shelby campuses.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."