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University of Louisville librarians are seeking digital photos or video of this month’s flood.

The school wants to preserve the media in its digital archives, which are available online. Once donated, they will be displayed along with images of Louisville’s past that have been donated and similarly preserved.

Digital librarian Rachel Howard says it’s important to get the media as soon as possible.

“We know that people will want to view the documentation from this recent disaster and it’s just a concern that it would be much harder to serve up 20 years from now because it’s born digital and people don’t think to donate it in the same way people thought to donate their scrapbooks and their maps and their photos from the 1937 flood,” she says.

Howard says the school did not ask for photos from the ice or windstorms of the last year, but those donations are also welcome. The files will be backed up to six different physical locations across the country and displayed on a 2009 flood page within the archives.

For information on how to donate media, click here.