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This week the University of Louisville’s Muhammad Ali Institute holds its third annual Peace and Justice Week. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

Events include speakers and discussions about increasing awareness about peace and justice in the community and inspiring action to address underlying causes of violence.

During the week, the institute also will launch a local social justice media campaign it’s calling “See Red Now.”

Alvin Herring is the director of the Ali Institute.

“We want to connect people to organizations, agencies, programs, individuals, groups that are working everyday on peace and justice issues. And through the process, we hope that that will also connect our community,” Herring says.

This afternoon, University of Illinois at Chicago professor and historian Barbara Ransby will speak, says Herring.

“Barbara has created organizations, particularly for women, that give voice to their concerns, that speak to what women as activists do and what their concerned about and how they go about influencing power structures, local, national and global,” Herring says.

Ransby authored a biography of civil rights activist Ella Baker entitled “Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement.”

Peace and Justice Week is one of the institute’s programs, which are centered on the values that guided Muhammad Ali in his work as humanitarian.