Carbon capture has been out of the news lately, as many power plants have abandoned efforts to capture and store carbon dioxide. But the University of Kentucky says the technology is still relevant.

UK’s Center for Applied Energy Research will host a carbon capture workshop in September. It’s meant for utility members and researchers to learn more about the technology.

Carbon capture refers to capturing carbon as it’s emitted from burning fossil fuels, and then sequestering it underground. The technology has lost steam in the United States, mostly because without regulation limiting or taxing carbon dioxide emissions, it’s not economical. But Jim Neathery of the Center for Applied Energy Research says it’s a good opportunity to further research and develop the technology.

“The pressure’s off a little bit to get something in the field for utility members immediately,” he said. “So now we’re taking a more studied approach where we can learn more and more effectively design better systems that capture carbon from fossil fuel plants.”

The workshop is September 25 through 26 in Lexington.