By Brenna Angel, Kentucky Public Radio

The University of Kentucky’s presidential search committee will host three forums Friday for the campus community. But that may be the extent of public input about UK’s next president.

UK Board of Trustees Chair Britt Brockman says hundreds of people have expressed interest or been nominated for the job. But there’s a trend among leadership positions in higher education: some candidates who already have good, high-level jobs don’t want it getting out that they’re job-hunting. So instead of three to five finalists being announced, Brockman says only one name, the board’s top pick, will be made public.

“The question you have to ask yourself is ‘Which trumps what, a process or the end result?’ I mean if the two best candidates will recuse themselves do you settle for second-best for the sake of process? And I think that’s what has to be debate this Friday at the search committee,” he said.

The presidential search committee will spend Friday morning hearing from students, faculty, and staff at campus forums. In the afternoon, members will consider just how transparent their interviews of finalists should be. The search committee’s recommendation will be passed on to the Board of Trustees, which will vote on the issue at its February meeting.

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