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Campaign signs are not as prevalent in the front yards of Louisville’s working class Portland neighborhood as they are in other areas of town.  But voters were trickling in steadily this morning.  Several said making up their minds about the presidential candidates was no easy task.  Long-time resident Frank Mattingly says he made his decision just a couple of days ago.

“I don’t know really what took me so long.  I was just studying it, studying who I was going to vote for, because we do need a change.  I think I voted for the right person, I’m not going to say who,” says Mattingly.

Mattingly says foreclosures in the housing market concerned him in this election, as well as the overall economy.  That echoes what most voters said when interviewed this morning, that the economy tops their list of concerns this election year.
Frank Mattingly is a long-time Portland neighborhood resident.

(Frank Mattingly voted at the Portland Community Center.)