Local News

Local union leaders are asking Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson to provide more details about the city’s projected $20 million budget deficit.

The mayor is asking the unions representing many city workers to make concessions in order to close the budget shortfall.

Louisville Professional Firefighters Union President Craig Willman says he wants to see a more detailed spending record before agreeing to concessions. He believes there are funds available to shore up the deficit without affecting labor.

“It took us two years to get a contract. Two years to get a contract with a cost of living – not even a cost of living – raise, 2%,” he says. “Two years of negotiations with the city of Louisville and now they want us to give it back in a week. It’s not right.”

Willman suggests the city use money for capital projects to cope with the shortfall. A spokesperson for the mayor says some capital projects will be delayed and others are being paid for with borrowed money that can’t be spent on debt.