The University of Louisville has partnered with Enterprise to provide a car-sharing program that will offer faulty and students a low-cost transportation option next school year. 

The company’s We-Car program will allow participants to pick up a Toyota Corolla for an hour, a day or a weekend, said John Drees, spokesman for the University of Louisville.

“Members will have access to these cars at any time. You sign up for time slots, but it’s a 24/7 365 day a year operation,” he said.

Participants need to pay to register for the program. Employees need to pay a one-time $10 fee to join and students will pay a $35 annual membership fee. Prices to rent the cars start at $8 dollars an hour and vary depending on the length of time the car is used.

Only three vehicles will be available beginning August 1, but if the program proves to be popular, the university will request more, said Drees.

“The program is set up to grow. As soon as we need more cars we’ll be able to have more cars on site,” he said.

The cars will be kept on the Belknap Campus and the Health Sciences Center. Students need to reserve a vehicle, which can be done online.

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