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University of Louisville President James Ramsey is questioning the legal issues surrounding Metro Councilman David James’ alleged conflict of interest.

James is employed as a UofL police officer, a position that requires an oath of office.

According to Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell, council members are not allowed to hold an office outside of the council that requires them to uphold a sworn oath.

“David came to see me a couple of weeks ago and said this issue had been raised,” Ramsey said.  ”I really don’t understand the legal issue. “

James was chair of the university’s staff Senate and at one time served on the Board of Trustees. The councilman has not yet decided if he will vacate his job.

But Ramsey said university officials will address any issue as it arises.

“At whatever time we need to do what we need to do we will address it at that time,” Ramsey said.

“I don’t understand the legal issue so it’s probably not fair for me to comment on what the conflict would be.  I really don’t understand it, one sworn, one swear, I swear two or three times a day.  I think you can swear more than once.”

O’Connell has requested Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway get involved. As of now, James still has voting power on Metro Council.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.