Update: Picnic emcee and Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says, despite claims from Fancy Farm officials, no surrogate has been named. This story has been modified.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will send a surrogate to this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic.

The speaking lineup is always subject to change, and while various names have been discussed, a final surrogate has not been selected. Previously, officials were told Florida Agriculture Commissioner and former congressman Adam Putnam would speak at the picnic. Putnam is the chairman of Romney’s Florida operations and co-chair of his agriculture policy team. 

The political speeches are always the top draw at the picnic. But the last time a presidential campaign took notice was in 1992, when then-vice-presidential candidate Al Gore spoke.

“I’ve talked to the Kentucky Democratic Party, they have the same opportunity to have someone speak on behalf of President Obama,” says Fancy Farm political chairman Mark Wilson.

At this point, President Obama's campaign has not booked time at the picnic. The KDP has declined to comment. 

The picnic is August 4.