Two reports from the New York Times update stories I’ve reported this week: World Environment Day, and the UN Food Crisis Summit.

First, an exuberant, albeit unusual, way to celebrate World Environment Day (June 5) here . Apparently, a man scaled the Times’ building and, at the top, unfurled a banner that read: “Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week.” (Note: I have no idea where he came up with that figure.) He climbed without ropes or harnesses up the ladder-like exterior of the Times’ new building in Midtown.

Minutes between his successful arrival on the roof and the NYPD’s successful placement of handcuffs? Zero.

Photo Courtesy of New York Times–Climber Scaling the Times’ Building

Next, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s food summit in Rome wrapped up with little more than a declaration to do more. The Times has a nice account of how events played out, including how many nations’ leaders wanted the US to stop promoting biofuels but got little traction.

In other news, the Climate Security Act died, predictably, in the Senate today. That’s that until the next administration, I think.