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UPS officials say it could be good news for the company’s Louisville Worldport hub if UPS wins a contract with the United States Postal Service next year.

The USPS has had a contract with FedEx to transport certain mail since 2000, but officials announced earlier this year that USPS intends on opening the contract up for bidding.  The contract is worth nearly $1 billion annually.

Both UPS and FedEx officials have announced they plan to place bids when the USPS releases its request for proposals, which could be as early as next month,  said UPS spokesman Norman Black.

The contract may be split between multiple companies,  but if UPS is awarded a contract employment in Louisville will increase, said Black.

“I can’t speculate on numbers, but there’s no question if we got a lot of this work that Louisville and Worldport would be the main hub for sorting and handling this mail,” he said.

Because Louisville’s Worldport operations are mainly at night, the U.S. postal service’s daily operations would compliment the space, Black said.

“We’re confident that in a competitive bidding situation with our network now and with the logistics capabilities that we bring to the table that we can provide the most efficient network and support to the postal service,” he said.

UPS currently has a contract with the postal service worth around $100 million annually to serve various government agencies.