UPS is planning ahead for the busy holiday season.

The company announced Wednesday plans to hire 3,400 seasonal employees to work in Louisville through the holidays.

Pat Murphy, UPS workforce planning manager, said shipments from UPS have increased over the years. And with more and more people shopping online, Murphy said the company will need extra hands to manage shipments.

Kyeland Jackson |

Inside the UPS facility in Louisville.

“The convenience of being able to go online to order what it is that you’re looking for kind of makes it a no-brainer from a customer standpoint,” Murphy said. “It’s a big challenge for our operations — for our city — but it’s a great opportunity for individuals that are interested in coming to work for UPS.”

Melinda Morrison has worked at UPS for four months. A recent high school graduate, Morrison plans to attend Jefferson Community and Technical College for nursing next spring. And as long as Morrison works at UPS, the company will pay her tuition.

Kyeland Jackson |

Melinda Morrison is a recent high school graduate. She’s worked at UPS for four months.

“It makes me feel proud to know that I’m not going to be struggling for years to come,” Morrison said. “I might be able to buy a house and do all the things that younger people want to do, but they can’t do because they’re really working hard to be able to get that money to pay for college.”

Nationally, Murphy said UPS will hire 95,000 workers for the winter. Hired package handlers can earn a weekly $200 bonus during the season.

Murphy said UPS wants to hire more permanent Louisville employees to work at night, too.